New Fave


With all the art events I go to, one tends to accumulate favorite galleries to frequent and I’ve just added another to the list. The gallery is called Lyons Wier Gallery, on seventh avenue at 20th street. This gallery has a fresh vibe to it that draws you in and makes you want to stay.

If you want to get acquainted with the up and coming artists of our time, this is the place to do it, literally. The exhibiting artists were present all weekend to talk to gallery goers about their work. Lyons Wier had opened it’s doors, for a short term exhibit, to the Art Bazaar artist that showed at the Fountain Art Fair. For scheduling an unexpected reception for the artists, the turn out was exceptional. There were even people knocking on the doors, after closing, wanting to ask questions about the artwork- and of course, they let them in. That is just the kind of gallery they are; they care about their artists and are willing to share the experience of the artwork with anyone that steps into the gallery. Their enthusiasm is contagious and soon you find yourself  just as passionate.

Lyons Weir’s idea to show younger artists “whose insight to form and color is buttressed by the iconography and conceptual context of the work”, is a revolutionary thought that is starting a new direction for art of our time. That, along with an environment that is friendly and accommodating, is a combination unsurpassed. Yes, this gallery is a place I am going to attend frequently.


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