Remarkable Night


Shari Belafonte courtesy of Chair and the Maiden Gallery

The Chair and the Maiden Gallery does it again.

I always look forward to openings at the Chair and the Maiden gallery, and last night was no exception. If you want to know how an art show opening is done right, you should attend one of these. The experience begins as soon as you see the iconic white tent and red carpet set up outside the gallery; along with all the people that show up specifically for these events. As you enter the gallery, there in the window–where you expect to see a piece of visual art–is a DJ spinning off Latin beats. Along the walls hangs Shari Belafonte’s Postcards from Cuba. Belafonte represents the “effects of embargo and isolation of the Cuban people” in these tourist style photographs. She frames the pictorial representations in such a way that shows off the vibrant colors of the region.  Every time you look at them, you have a new favorite, and everyone’s favorite is different as well. Last, but definitely not least, you reach the back of the room where the drinks are being served. Though mostly it’s the gallery’s traditional cranberry vodka that is getting handed out.

When you turn back around to mingle with the friendly patrons of the establishment you can’t help but be happy that you are there. Specifically, the feelings you get are admiration and respect for such an upstanding organization. Every art institute should be as dedicated to helping their artists, like the community of support built here, as the Chair and the Maiden gallery.  This is a society in which I gladly support.


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