Openings of the Week


Art show openings at galleries in NYC, the week of April 22-25.


Thursday 4/22

Jonathan Hammer: KOVNO/KOBE @ MIYAKO YOSHINAGA Art Prospects, 547 W 27th St., 2nd floor, 6-8 pm,

Alexandre Arrechea: Elasticity @ Magnan Metz Gallery, 521 W 26th St., 6-8 pm,

Joan Linder: Cost of Living @ Mixed Greens, 531 W 26th St., 6-8 pm,

Mohamed Bourouissa: Périphéries @ Yossi Milo Gallery, 525 W 25th St., 6-8 pm,

Lauren Bergman and Karen Dow: American Fragment @ Tria Gallery, 531 W 25th St., ground floor #5, 6-9 pm,

Derek Buckner, Carol Inez Charney, Erika Kohr, and Niizeki Hiromi @ George Billis Gallery, 555 W 25th St., 2nd Floor, 6-8 pm,

Dimitri Hadzi: The Roman Years, 1951-75 @ Danese, 535 W 24th St., 6-8 pm,

Stephen Ellis: Insects and Flowers @ Von Lintel Gallery, 520 W 23rd St., Ground Floor, 6-8 pm,

Jihay Kang: A Single Journey @ Raandesk Gallery of Art, 16 W 23rd St., 4th Floor, 6-8 pm,

Colette, India Evans: GIRL TALK @ Pavel Zoubok Gallery, 533 W 23rd St., 6-8 pm,

*Max Noy and a Group Show @ Baboo Photo Gallery, 37 W 20th St., 6-9 pm,

Carrie Mae Weems: Slow Fade to Black and Lynette Yiadom-Boakye: Essays and Documents @ Jack Shainman Gallery, 513 W 20th St., 6-8 pm,

Ben Hotchkiss: Villages @ Ricco Maresca Gallery, 529 W 20th St., 3rd floor, 6-8 pm,

Jakkai Siibutr: Karma Cash & Carry @ Tyler Rollins Fine Art, 529 W 20th St., 6-8:30 pm,

Christopher Makos Polaroids @ Christopher Henry Gallery, 127 Elizabeth St. (at Broome), 6-9 pm,

Group Show: Birthright @ Michael Mut Gallery, 97 Avenue C (b/t 6th and 7th), 6-9 pm,

Quistrebert Brothers: Brothers of the Shadow and Alex Rose: Withdrawl @ Envoy Enterprises, 131 Chrystie St., 6-8 pm,

Mark Price: Designer End Game Strategies @ Christina Ray, 30 Grand St., ground floor, 7-9 pm,

*Gardar Eide Einarsson @ Team Gallery, 83 Grand St. (b/t Wooster and Greene), 6-8 pm,

Group Show: W U N D E R K A M M E R @ Clarke Gallery c/o Shed and a Half Gallery, 184 Thompson St., 7-10 pm,

Leon Golub: Live & Die Like a Lion? @ The Drawing Center, 35 Wooster St., 6-8 pm,

Group Show: A Fine Point @ Lotus, 34 N Moore St., 8-10 pm,

Group Show: Overstimulated @ South Street Seaport/Pace, 210 Front St. (at Beekman), 6-9 pm,

Source @ The Halls at Bowling Green, 25 Broadway 7th floor, The Cunard Building, 6-9 pm,

Friday 4/23

Predrag Dimitrijevic @ Gallery MC, 549 W 52nd St., 8th floor, 6-9 pm,

*Group Show: I speak now from the aesthetic and artistic point of view when I say that life with Michelle Grabner is dull, and Wendy White: Up w/Briquett @ Leo Koenig Inc. Projekte, 541 W 23rd St., 6-8 pm,

*David Lyle: At the End of the Day @ Lyons Wier Gallery, 175 Seventh Ave. (at 20th St.), 6-9 pm.,

*Psygasm @ Amber, 432 6th Ave., 8-10 pm

*David Abir and Gordon Stevenson: Happiness Is… @ TS+ Projects, 287 Spring St., 6-9 pm,

Group Show: The Point Suite Pop-Up @ INVEN.TORY, 237 Lafayette St., 6-9 pm,

Group Show and Dionisio Cortes, Leticia Ortega, Armando Rumayor: Resonances and Suggestions; the drama of their possibilities and impossibilities* @ WP Art Studio with TOAST Open Studio 2010, 118 Chambers St., 2nd floor, 6-9 pm,

Hilario Isola and Matteo Norzi: Liquid Door @ Art in General, 79 Walker St., 6-8 pm,

MFA OPEN STUDIOS @ New York Academy of Art, 111 Franklin St., 5-9 pm,

*Andrew Laumann and Nicholas Gottlund: Smoke Bath @ Capricious Space, 103 Broadway, Brooklyn, 7-9 pm,

Jason Grunwald: Was it all just a dream? @ Eastern District, 43 Bogart St., Brooklyn, 7-11 pm,

Who Is Afraid of Ornament? @ NURTUREart, 910 Grand St., 2nd floor, Brooklyn, 7-9 pm,

Group Show: Awakening @ Brooklyn Artists Gym, 168 7th St., 3rd floor
Brooklyn, 7-10 pm

Saturday 4/24

Shawn Barber: Tattooed Portraits @ Joshua Liner Gallery, 548 W 28th St., 6-9 pm,

Simon English: Full English @ Robert Goff Gallery, 537B W 23rd St., 6-8 pm,

Group Show: Works Progress @ The Invisible Dog, 51 Bergen St., Brooklyn, 6 pm-12 am,

*Korakrit*Pamelalee and Ari Fish: Refashion @ Tompkins Projects, 127 Tompkins Ave., Brooklyn, 7-9 pm,

Heather Dewey-Hagborg’s Totem @ Issue Project Room, 232 3rd St., 3rd floor., Brooklyn, 7-8 pm,



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