Openings of the Week


Art show openings and art events June 10-13.


*Figment @ Governors Island, Friday, June 11: 10 am–4 pm; Saturday, June 12: 10 am–6 pm; Sunday, June 13: 10 am–6 pm, free,


Thursday 6/10

Ormond Gigli, Zhuang Hong Yi, Russell Young, Banksy: New Works @ Keszler Gallery, 984 Madison Ave., 6-9 pm,

NYC Salt Summer Show & Biannual Fundraiser @ Sputnik Gallery, 547 W 27th St., No. 518, 6-9 pm,

Kimberly Trowbridge: Open-In; and Ryan Cobourn: Personal Territories @ The Painting Center, 547 W 27th St., floor 5, 6-8 pm,

Group Show: Summer Staged @ Foley Gallery, 547 W 27th St., 5th floor, 6-8 pm,

*Group Show: Mark Grotjahn, Sol LeWitt, Allan McCollum, James Siena, James Welling; and Chris Astley: Geronimo @ BravinLee Programs, 526 W 26th St., #211, 6-8 pm,

Group Show: When Dog Turns to Wolf @ David Krut Projects, 526 W 26th St., 8th floor, 6-8 pm,

*Will Steacy: Down These Mean Streets @ Michael Mazzeo Gallery, 526 W 26th St., Suite 208, 6-8 pm,

Gudjon Ketilsson, Gudrun Kristjansdottir: IMPRINTS @ Luise Ross Gallery, 511 W 25th St. #307, 6-8 pm,

Benjamin Anderson: Just Add Water @ Blank Space Gallery, 511 W 25th St., Suite 204, 6-8 pm,

2009 Joan Mitchell Foundation MFA Grant Recipients Exhibition @ CUE Art Foundation, 511 W 25th St., ground floor, 6-8 pm,

Gudjon Ketilsson and Gudrun Kristjansdottir: Imprints @ Luise Ross Gallery, 511 W 25th St., No. 307, 5-7 pm,

Ben Gocker, There is really no single poem @ PPOW Gallery, 511 W 25th St., Room 301,

Richard Kalina: A Survey 1970-2010 @ Lennon, Weinberg, Inc., 514 W 25th St., 6-8 pm,

*Jesse Burke: Intertidal @ ClampArt, 521-531 W 25th St., ground floor, 6-8 pm,

Yoram Wolberger: Cowboys and Indians @ Benrimon Contemporary, 514 W 24th St., 2nd floor, 5-9 pm,

Saul Chernick: Borrowed from the Charnal House @ Max Protetch Gallery, 6-8 pm, 511 W 22nd St.,

*Davide Balula, Marcelline Delbecq, Jeanne Detallante, Ellie Ga, Ines Lechleitner, JUSTIN MATHERLY, Christine Rebet, Slavs and Tatars, Amy Yao.: Habitat (Some Pleasures and Discomforts of Domestic Life) @ Twenty First/Twenty First Gallery, 551 W 21st St., 3rd floor, 6-9 pm

*The Antagonist Art Movement Presents: Group Show @ Niagara, 112 Ave. A (at 7th St.), 9pm-12am

Group Show: Process/Abstraction @ Paul Kasmin Gallery, 293 10th Ave., 6-8 pm,

Ryan Brown: Borders @ Y Gallery, 355A Bowery (basement), 7-10 pm,

Group Show: Artless @ Sacred Gallery, 424 Broadway (at Canal), 7-11 pm,

Shen Shaomin: DISTORTION @ Eli Klein Fine Art, 462 West Broadway, 6-9 pm,

Group Show: Collection @ Christina Ray, 30 Grand St., ground floor, 7-9 pm,

Miguel Calderon, Hellmuth Costard, Liam Gillick, Douglas Gordon and Philippe Parreno, Mark Leckey, Uri Tzaig: Men With Balls @ Apexart, 291 Church St., 6-8 pm,

Alesandra DeLaCruze: My Seasons Army @ Mymoon, 184 N 10th St. (b/t Bedford & Driggs), 6-8 pm,

Generative by Alex Dodge @ Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, 438 Union Ave., Brooklyn, 7-9 pm,

Dmitry Yakovin: One-man art show “Wonderland” @ Fez Art Cafe, 240 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, 8-10:30 pm,

Friday 6/11

*AriZONA, Artists Respond to the Immigration Issue. Curated by Andrea Arroyo @ Grady Alexis Gallery (El Taller Latino Americano), 2710 Broadway, 3rd floor, 6-8 pm,

Diane Englander: Paintings and Drawings @ Saint Peter’s Church, 619 Lexington Ave., 6-8 pm,

*Matt Roe: Disintegration @ Ico Gallery, 606 W 26th St., ground floor, 8-11 pm,

Wieland Speck and Daniel Rich: Reception For Berlin @ Horton Gallery, 504 W 22nd St., 6-8 pm,

Ian Bunn and Vladimir Karlov: Death, desire, and digital age @ Emmanuel Fremin Gallery, 546 Broadway, PH 5B, 6-8 pm,

Group Show: The Cat or the Rembrandt @ CCCP Gallery, 38 Marcy Ave., Brooklyn, 6-8 pm,

Don Lisy: Don Lisy @ LILOVEVE Gallery, 457 Grand St., Brooklyn, 5-9 pm,

Alison Bickle, Dean Goelz, Brendan Lott, Jenny Morgan, Reuben Negron, Robin Williams: Marked; A Show of Figure @ Like The Spice Gallery, 224 Roebling St., Brooklyn,

Saturday 6/12

Melissa Lockwood: Salvaged @ Chashama Windows Space, 266 W 37th St., 11-7 pm,

Paco Dalmau, Ayuko Kikuchi, Douglas Bick, Hilary J England, Jarmo Korhonen, Sumie Hamamoto: Summer Fusion @ A-forest Gallery, 134 W 29th St., Suite 1010 (10F), 6-8 pm,

Kathleen King: DIVAS @ Viridian Artists, 530 W 25th St., room 407, 3-7 pm,

*Distortion @ Eli Klein Fine Art, 462 W Broadway, 6-9 pm,

*Guy Denning and David Walker: Surface Tension @ Brooklynite Gallery, 334 Malcolm X Blvd., Brooklyn, 7-10 pm,

Vlad Smolkin & David Waite Martinson: Artifacts and Other Offerings @ Fountain Studios, 604 Grand Ave., Brooklyn, 7-10 pm,

Susan Newmark, Karni Dorell, Phillip Chen, Osvaldo Ramirez Castillo, Tatana Kellner, Sepideh Salehi: ” War and Peace” exhibition @ Kentler International Drawing Space, 353 Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn, 6-8 pm,


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