Openings of the Week


Art show openings and artist talks for June 17-20.


Thursday 6/17

*Tom Doyle, Merrill Wagner, Nathan Slate Joseph, Hiroshi Senju, Natvar Bhavsar, Sohan Qadri: Material Exploration @ Sundaram Tagore Gallery, 547 W 27th St., 6-8 pm,

Boris Bendikov @ Sputnik Gallery, 547 W 27th St., No. 518, 6-8 pm,

Fikret Atay, Bani Abidi, Maya Schindler, Eko Nugroho, Mounira al Solh, and Noa Charuvi: Heat Wave @ Lombard-Freid Projects, 531 W 26th St., 6-8 pm,

Christopher James Wilson: IN YOUR FACE @ New Century Artists Inc., 530 W 25th St., Suite 406, 6-8 pm,

Threads Zine @ P.P.O.W., 511 W 25th St., 6:30-8:30 pm,

Nadia Kyung Chae, Matt Gehring, Pattiann Koury, Jeremy Sachs-Michaels, Magda Biernat: Optical: Raandesk Photo Annual Finalists @ Raandesk Gallery of Art, 16 W 23rd St., 4th floor, 7-9 pm,

Group Show: Default State Network @ Morgan Lehman Gallery, 535 W 22nd St., 6th floor, 6-8 pm,

Christian Faur: Christian Faur: The Land Surveyors @ Kim Foster Gallery, 529 W 20th St., 6-8 pm,

Francoise Gilot: New Works @ BLT Gallery, 270 Bowery, 2nd floor, 6-9 pm,

Odette England: As Above So Below; and Elaine Duigenan; Micro Mundi @ Klompching Gallery, 111 Front St., Suite 206, Brooklyn,

Friday 6/18

Rafael Sanchez: The Limit As the Body Approaches Zero; Ecoaesthetic; and Consume @ Exit Art, 475 Tenth Ave. (corner 36th St.), 7-10 pm,

Yevgeniy Fiks: Ayn Rand in Illustrations @ Winkleman Gallery, 621 W 27th St., 6-8 pm,

Lucia Jeesun Lee, James Daher: Dream Tentacle @ Ideal Glass Gallery, 22 E 2nd St., 8-11 pm,

*Amanda Dow Thompson: Phantasm; and Sonjie Feliciano Solomon: Frozen and Filtered @ Causey Contemporary, 92 Wythe Ave., Brooklyn, 6-9 pm,

Warren Neidich: Cindy Unveiled @ Louis V E.S.P., 140 Jackson St., Brooklyn, 7-10 pm,

Saturday 6/19

Morgan Thomas, Kenji Nakayama, ENAMEL KINGDOM, Thomas Buildmore: SHOCK THERAPY! @ Pandemic Gallery, 37 Broadway (b/t Kent and Wythe), Brooklyn, 7-11 pm,

Sunday 6/20

Condensations of the Social @ Smack Mellon, 92 Plymouth St. (corner of Washington), Brooklyn, 5-8 pm,

Artist Talk

Friday 6/18

Swoon, Tod Seelie, Ben Wolf, Sarah Walko, Mary Beth Burton, Serra Fells: Konbit Shelter @ Christina Ray, 30 Grand St., ground floor, 6-8 pm,

* recommended


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