Artist Talk: Carla Reyes


by Carla Reyes

What a talented and down to earth person; Carla Reyes’ energy and life is portrayed through her artwork in her latest exhibition, Flower Power. I went to the Yasher Gallery to have a talk with this vibrant artist about the it. From the moment I walked into the gallery, till I walked out of her studio, the vividness of the artist never went down.

Me: Tell me about this show?

Carla Reyes: This show is obviously floral themed. I had been collecting images of objects with a floral motif, that are man made, in natural environments, that are undergoing change. It’s kind of a recurring theme in my work, in general. I’m also a decorative finisher and scenic artist, and I was really affected by that kind of work. Cause we use a lot of texture and crazy materials, that sort-of formed my work over the last few years. So, basically what I was doing was taking these images and interpreting them in a textural way. I would work with the original image, and stay pretty true to it, but I let the process and layers determine the end result.

painting by Carla Reyes

Me: Here (above) is an example of your new work, explain it to me?

CR: I have the layout (the image), therefore I would paint with a thick medium, just in white, the underlying layer. Then I’d put sand on it and texture to build and build and build it, with the last step being to add the color. I do that so everything fulls in and already has an underlying structure before I even paint. So, there are things that are intentional and things that are happy accidents. I like the process and the layering, and that’s how this is was born.

Me: How do you like the gallery/studio space here in Greenpoint?

CR: It’s really cool here. I help out a lot with the blog, promoting, things like that so they are very supportive. We’re kind-of figuring it out together, but it’s a great group of people.

Me: I know you’re involved in a lot of things, working full-time, helping at the gallery, doing community projects, and working on your own art; is time a problem?

CR: I’m really tired, but I figured I’ll just do it till I can’t do it anymore, which would probably be never, cause I’ve always painted. 

Reyes can do attitude is a lesson everyone can learn from. Carla, keep up the fine work in your therapeutic process of bringing out your life through your art. I would like to thank Carla Reyes and Yashar Gallery for the private gallery tour and studio visit. Join her Wednesday, June 23, for the closing reception of Flower Power @ Yashar Gallery, 276 Greenpoint Avenue, Bldg. 8, Ground Floor, Brooklyn, 6-9 pm.


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